Prime Orchards Management is another Carney Family Business involved in Commercial, Farming, Construction and other management and ownership projects.

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Aerial view - Main Farm in Childers


Jim and Lois Carney
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Welcome to Avocado Ridge and the Carney Families 
Who are we?

Jim and Lois Carney have been growing avocados in Australia for some 30 years.  In 2017, the 7 orchards in Queensland were sold to Costa Farms operating as North Fresh Pty Ltd.   Jim and Lois continue to operate their avocado orchard in New South Wales - Green Pigeon Avocados. If enquiring about work at Kyogle, NSW contact lois@avocadoridge.com.  Our sons and their wives continue to work with Costa in full or part time positions with Sean and Serene Carney and Eric and Abby Carney working in Childers.

 Some of Queensland Orchard Locations and Names
 Avocado Ridge HillCrest Summit  

 GroveHill EastRidge MacaGrove 


For more information about working in Childers or Kumbia orchards contact the Childers Office at 07 4126-1551 and or website at
http://costagroup.com.au/avocado or john.delisser@costagroup.com.au
New Main Childers Office: 83 Goodwins Road, Childers, QLD 4660


CURRENT NOTICES: contact john.delisser@costagroup.com.au for work in Queensland orchards.